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Akamine Hiroshi Sensei on a European Tour this March

Akamine kobudo europe tour march2018Akamine Hiroshi Sensei (9 Dan), head instructor of Ryu-Kyu Kobudo Shimbukan is on tour through Europe this March. Akamine Sensei, with the assistance of Hamby Dell Sensei (6 Dan) will teach four seminars in Barcelona (Spain), in Basilea (Switzerland), in Sondrio and Milano (Italy). In the information below you can see the exact dates and contacts for further information.

Important Info

  • 3-4 March, Barcelona (Spain), Info: +34640287647
  • 5-8 March, Basilea (Switzerland)
  • 10 March, Sondrio (Italy), Info: +393478016708
  • 11 March, Milano (Italy), Info: +393497345130


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