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knx shai-haiKNX2014 was completed successfully! More info and pictures can be found here 

Remember the last "Secret Expert" that was not announced at first?

Well, this was Sensei Shai Taru Hai, head of Israel Kenyukai Uechi-Ryu. Overall this event was a great experience for all the participants who had the chance to train a perfect mix of old-school Okinawan Karate with modern, scientific Karate and streetfighting applications.

Karate world looking forward to the next KNX event! Stay tunned...





It’s finally time.

After months of planning, you’re officially invited to…

The Karate Nerd Experience 2014

Event's announcement in Jesse Enkamp's web site:Exclusive 3-day seminar & training camp for Karate Nerds™ only. The seminar will be held from 1 to 3 of August (Fri-Sat), 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. It will be limited to 36 participants only at a very good price which will include accommodation & breakfast buffet. Seminar will combine modern, scientific training methods with ancient Okinawan Karate concepts - in both theory and practice. It will be led by Jesse Enkamp, Dr. Lucio Maurino (Italian / European / World Karate Champion, Dr. in Sport Science, Level IV Olympic Coach etc.) plus a secret expert.





Poland Shimabukuro Shimoji Oct2015

Sensei Zbigniew Rychlewski (4 Dan) and Polish Federation of Uechi-Ryu Okinawa Karate organize a seminar led by sensei Yukinobu Shimabukuro (9 Dan) and Sensei Yasuo Shimoji (9 Dan) this October. The seminar will take place at 17th of October. For more information feel free to contact Sensei Rychlewski at the telephone: +48 606-160-325.

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cupedefrance2105The Cup de France Uechi-ryu 2015 (Uechi-Ryu French Cup) was held in the 6th of June 2015 at Maisons-Laffitte.
Haruyoshi Shimabukuro sensei was guest of honor in this competition. The event attracted over 170 martial artists
and fighters in all categories.

In Sunday 7th of June, Haruyoshi Shimabukuro Sensei led a course where he demonstrated all technical aspects of Uechi-ryu.

An article about the Coupe de France Uechi Ryu appeared in the magazine of the French Karate Federation.

Official Website

Cup France Uechi-ryu 2015 – Kumite results

Cup France Uechi-ryu 2015 – Kata results

More photos are available here

yamashiro russia 2015 2Sensei Yamashiro Hirokuni, Kyoshi 8Dan of Okikukai is on seminars tour in the Balkan area and Russia. Yamashiro Sensei has so far visited Croatia for 3 days (25th to 27th of September), Serbia for 1 day (27th of September) and his next stop is in Russia for 2 days (3rd to 4th of October). Croatia seminar was organized and hosted by Karate Klub Karlovac and Karate Klub Uechi Ryu Rijeka and Sensei Daniel Bjelivuk - Shihan 5Dan (http://okikukai-croatia.com/), in Serbia by Serbia Hombu Dojo and Sensei Vladimir Popovic - Kyoshi 7Dan (http://www.okikukai.org.rs/) and in Russia by Sempai Evgeny Rybin - Shidoin 3 Dan (http://komidzumi.livejournal.com/).

Next big event for Okikukai Serbia Hombu and the affiliated dojos in Europe is on Saturday, 17th of October, in Belgrade for the Memorial Event of Takamiyagi Shigeru Sensei's passing last year (See related article). 









Photos from the Seminar in Croatia:

Photos from the Seminar in Serbia:

Photos from the Seminar in Russia: