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train with wayneShogun Karate Kai and Lee Adams Sensei are organizing a seminar with Sport Karate World Champion Wayne Otto OBE this June. Wayne Otto will be returning for the third time for this highly popular event. The event is being held in Shogun Martial Arts School, in Kent, on Saturday 25th of June.

Important info:
Date/Time: 25 June 2016, 10:30 am
Venue: Shogun Martial Arts School
Address: The Circus, CT6 8PJ Herne Bay, Kent
Contact: +44 7872 342034 / shogun[at]talktalk.net


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coupe de france2016The Coupe de France Uechi-Ryu 2016 will be held in Maisons-Laffitte again. The event will take place on the 4th of June 2016. 

Honorary guest for this year will be Hirokuni Yamashiro Sensei (Hanshi, 8.Dan) from Okinawa.

A seminar with Yamashiro Sensei and Shimabukuro Sensei will follow the Coupe de France the day after the event (more info here).

Important Info:
Date: 4 June 2016
Venue: Palais Omnisports Pierre Duprès, Rue de la Digue - Maisons-Laffitte, France
Information: uechiryu.europe[at]gmail.com

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popovic croatiaOkikukai Croatia (Karate Club Karlovac - Karate Club "Uechi-Ryu" Rijeka) and hear instructor Daniel Bjelivuk (5.Dan, Shihan) organize a seminar with Vladimir Popovic Sensei (7.Dan, Kyoshi) this May. The seminar will take place in Rijeka at Uechi-Ryu Dojo on 21st and 22nd of May 2016.

Important Info:
Date: 21~22 May, 2016
Venue: Uechi-Ryu Dojo, Rijeka, Croatia
Info: Daniel Bjelivuk Sensei - daniel.bjelivuk[at]gmail.com

yamashiro shimabukuro france2016Uechi-Ryu France and its head instructor, Yukinobu Shimabukuro organize a seminar with Hirokuni Yamashiro Sensei from Okinawa. The seminar will be held at Sunday 5th of June 2016, from 9:30 up to 12:30 in the morning, at Palais Omnisports Pierre Duprès, Rue de la Digue - Maisons-Laffitte, France. The seminar will follow the Uechi-Ryu Coupe de France 2016 (see article here

The seminar is open to practitioners over 14 years old. Participation fees are: 15 eur for the UechiRyu KarateDo Europe (Shubukan) affiliated members and 25 eur for all the others.

Important Info:
Date: 5 June 2016
Time: 9:30 ~ 12:30
Venue: Palais Omnisports Pierre Duprès, Rue de la Digue - Maisons-Laffitte, France
Information: uechiryu.europe[at]gmail.com

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stage expert japonais cassis 2016The Japanese Experts Seminar will be held this July for the third time in the area of Bouches-du-Rhône.  The event will take place in the city of Cassis at 8, 9 and 10 of July 2016. 

6 experts will lead the three-day sessions:

Yukinobu Shimabukuro (Uechi-Ryu)
Hiroo Mochizuki (Yosekan Budo)
Ryozo Tsukada (Shito Ryu)
Seisuke Adaniya (Shorin Ryu)
Yuichi Sato (Shotokan)
Zenei Oshiro (Goju-Ryu)

Participation fee: 50 € for 3 days

A martial arts Gala will be held on Saturday evening from 18:30 to 20:30.

You can find more info here