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shimabukuro seminar dec2016Lazare Pouchard Sensei (4. Dan), chief instructor of the AKKO (Association Karate Kobudo D' Okinawa), organizes an Uechi-Ryu karate seminar in Larçay with Shimabukuro Yukinobu Sensei (9 Dan), technical director of Uechi-Ryu Shubukan Association in Europe and France.  The seminar will take place on 3rd and 4th of December 2016 in Larçay, at Salle François Mitterrand. The training is open to children and adults.

Participation fees:
For AKKO Members: Children: 2 € / Teens and Unemployed: 10 € / Adults: 15 €
Non-AKKO Members: Children: 5 € / Teens and Unemployed: 15 € / Adults: 20 €

Important Info:
Saturday, December 3: Children 7 to 12 years: 14:30 ~ 15:30/ Adults/Teens: 15:30 ~ 18:00
Sunday, December 4: Adults/Teens: 9:30 ~ 12:00

Venue: Salle François Mitterrand
Info: http://akko.unblog.fr/2016/09/21/stage-avec-maitre-shimabukuro-a-larcay/



okikukai uk seminar 1

The Okikukai European Seminar was completed with success on Sunday, 18th of September (see the announcement on our previous post). The seminar was organized by Uechi-Ryu Great Britain in Oxford, under the guidance of its current chairman Pappas Mick Sensei (7 Dan, Kyoshi). Three great Okinawan masters led the sessions, namely Nakahodo Tsutomu Sensei (10 Dan, Hanshi), Okuhama Shinmatsu Sensei (9 Dan, Hanshi) and Yamashiro Hirokuni Sensei (8 Dan, Kyoshi). The three high-ranked instructors were escorted by the Okinawan karate champion, Kushi Yoshino (2 Dan), a student of Yamashiro Sensei. 

okikukai uk seminar 9okikukai uk seminar 10The seminar took place in the facilities of Rosehill Community Centre and was divided into 8 training sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, starting on Thursday the 15th up to Sunday the 18th of September 2016. Okinawan masters had the chance to experience the local hospitality and visited many wonderful sights. They even had the chance to visit and dine at Christ Church main hall (maybe the most prestigious college in the world), aka the Harry Potter Restaurant, the very same room where many of the scenes of the famous cinema series Harry Potter were shot.

A Dan grading was held after Sunday's morning training, in which several practitioners were successfully promoted to their new ranks after a demanding and challenging process. McNally Steve Sensei of Uechi-Ryu Liverpool Dojo and  Dally Terry Sensei of East London Karate Club  were promoted to the level of 7 Dan - Kyoshi. These promotions came as a result of many decades of dedication, and, continuous training and contribution to the art of Uechi-Ryu Karate. Furthermore, two younger practitioners, Cheeseman Georgina and Wilson Mabel were promoted to the levels of 3 Dan and Junior Shodan respectively.

The seminar was completed, as always, with a wonderful sayonara party in one of the finest restaurants in Oxford area!

okikukai uk seminar 13UechiRyu.eu salutes the wonderful event and congratulates Uechi-Ryu GB Association on taking this great responsibility to organize and bring all these great masters and the knowledge they carry, straight from Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate.




zilioli seminar nov2016Fulvio Zilioli Sensei, chief instructor of Okikukai Italy is leading one more seminar this November in the city of Rome. The seminar will be held in "Palestra del Liceo Scientifico - Francesco D'Assisi" in 12 and 13 of November 2016 and it has the support of Italian Karate Federation - FIK. The sessions will include Uechi-Ryu Karate and Kenryo Ryukyu Kobudo training.

Important Info:
Date: 12 ~ 13 November 2016
Venue: Palestra del Liceo Scientifico - Francesco D'Assisi, Viale della Primavera, 207 (zona Centrocelle)
Info: fulviog.zilioli[at]gmail.com and mutekigoju[at]gmail.com

image2A 4-day seminar was organised in Ukraine this week. Okikukai Ukraine and its head instructors, Oleg Bilonogyi Sensei (Shidoin, 3 Dan) and Ruslan Afanasiev Sensei (Shidoin, 3 Dan) offered their students a unique chance to train under Vladimir Popovic Sensei (Kyoshi, 7 Dan) between the 11th and the 14th of August in Kiev. Italian students also joined the event. Practitioners received many technical corrections, suggestions and feedback to improve their Uechi-Ryu skills. Everybody loved the event and looking forward to the next meeting. 


Photos on from the event:

Two wonderful videos were posted by Uechi-Ryu Shubukan Europe. Kansho Uechi Sensei and Kanyu Uechi Sensei, great grandchildren of Master Kanbun Uechi, are featured in the videos. In the first video, Kansho Uechi Sensei demonstrates Sanchin Kata and he is tested by his brother, Kanyu. In the second video the two Uechi brothers demonstrate the old Uechi-Ryu Dan Kumite. The videos were shot in 2009 during a seminar in Paris.

You can watch the videos here: http://www.uechiryu-europe.org/en/Demonstration-of-the-kansho-et-kanyu-Uechi/

kansho kanyu uechi1 kansho kanyu uechi