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sport kobudo seminarSport Kobudo seminar is being held on Saturday, 26th of March 2016. Seminar will take place in Rue Paul Bert, 37520, La Riche and is open to all styles and levels. Seminar is organized by CESAM Uechi-Ryu Karate Dojo and Pascal Guillot Sensei will lead the seminar. Participation fees are 5 € for teenagers and 10 € for adults.

Kobudo, the ancient martial art of Okinawan people, is gaining more and more interest. Apart from styles or Karate organizations which officially have Kobudo training in their regular curriculum, Dojo in Okinawa always trained Kobudo, more or less. The reason is obvious: If someone knows how a weapon works, she knows how to react against a weapon, what to expect, what is the safest distance etc. 

Sport Kobudo is the next step towards the standardization and spread of Kobudo. For this reason, several seminars are being organized nowadays. 

Important Info:
Date/Time: Saturday, 27th March 2016
Place: Dojo du complexe sportif Paul Bert
Organizer: CESAM Karate Uechi-Ryu La Riche (37)
Information/Reservations: Benjamin Lambert (tel:+33 0698348509 - email: terrehommeciel41[at]gmail.com) 

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thomas kobudo1Sensei Heinz Tessner of Kodokan Matsubayashi Ryu Dojo Grossefehn is organizing a Ryu-Kyu Kobudo Seminar in Timmel (Großenfehn) this March.
Sensei Thomas Podzelny 4.Dan of Ki-Shin-Tai Dojo (Erlangen, Germany) will lead the seminar, which will last from 11th till the 13th of March 2016. 

Update: Sensei Podzelny has announced the full seminar program, which you can download in pdf here!

Important info:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Kampstraße 2, 26629 Timmel
Organizer: Heinz Tessner
Website: http://www.matsubayashi-shorin-ryu.com/
Participation fees: 30 Euro for adults Bo und Sai and 20 Euro for teenagers









zilioli kobudo nov2015One more Kobudo Stage organized by Sensei Fulvio Zilioli in Italy this November. Zilioli Sensei, except form Uechi-Ryu, has also been very active during the last years spreading Kobudo in Italy. The event will take place at the 22nd of November 2015 in Pianezza (Torino) at Palamanzoni - Via Alessandro Manzoni 5. For more information you can contact Mr Salvatore Sacco (Tel. 392 3764000)

dreametal weaponsUpdate: New on-line shop just launched!!! - http://www.weaponskobudo.com/

Dreametal Kobudo is a newly established company based in Athens, Greece. We came across its Facebook page we contacted company's owner and here is the story...
DreaMetal company specializes in handmade furniture manufactured according to customer's needs in color and dimensions. It's owner, Mr. Christos Papapanos - Alissandratos combined his love for traditional Okinawa Karate (Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu) and Matayoshi Kobudo and his professional expertise and Dreametal Kobudo project was born. As we see in the pictures all the weapons and makiwaras look really well built with high quality materials and traditional shapes. We are looking forward to a hands-on test of Dreametal products in the near future!
Feel free to check and download the full catalogue and pricelist from the link below. 
Uechiryu.eu wishes to congratulate Dreametal Kobudo and wish good luck and best success on their attempt! 


- Special prices for bulk orders and Dojos! Please contact the company for further details.

Dreametal (furniture) web site:  www.dreametal.gr
Dreametal e-shop: http://www.weaponskobudo.com/
Phone +30 21 0973 3558
Email info[@]dreametal.gr

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zilioli kobudo stage2015One more great event by Sensei Zilioli and Okikukai Italia. On September 27th, Sensei Zilioli led a Kobudo Seminar introducing a group of practitioners in the weapons of Sai and Nunchaku. The seminar lasted 3 hours and all the participants seemed to enjoy it. Uechiryu.eu wishes to thank Sensei Zilioli for taking time to send footage of the event.









Photos of the event

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