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Ryu-Kyu Kobudo Seminar with Dell Hamby Sensei in Erlangen

hamby thomas seminar kobudo may16One more seminar with Dell Hamby Sensei (5.Dan) is organized in Ki-Shin-Tai Dojo of Thomas Podzelny Sensei (4.Dan), in Erlangen, Germany. The seminar will start on Friday, 13th of May till Monday, 16th of May 2016. For the participants who want to save themselves from hotel expenses, Podzelny Sensei offers accommodation in his dojo for free, which is also pretty awesome! Podzelny Sensei has one more pleasant suprise for the participants, since he managed to organize this seminar during the same days with the famous Erlangen beer festival, "Erlanger Bergkirchweih". Therefore, visitors will also have the chance to experience the festive environment of the city of Erlangen, while at the same time practise some true Okinawan martial arts! Can it get any better than that? :D

Important info:
Dates: 13 ~ 16 May 2016
Venue: Ki-Shin-Tai Dojo, Erlangen, Germany
Contact: info[at]ki-shin-tai.de

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Online Registration (please register before the 1st of May)
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More info on Erlangen's beer festival, "Erlanger Bergkirchweih":


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