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Ryu Kyu Kobudo Gradings and Seminar in Greece

kobudo greece 2016 1One more Ryu Kyu Kobudo seminar was organized this month in Athens, Greece by Sensei Katherine Loukopoulos. The grading followed an intensive seminar and was held at Talos Dojo, kindly offered by Orditis Sensei. Sensei Nikos Theodorou offered his valuable help to the practitioners who took the grading test. Dr. Dimitris Zaharopoulos and Mr. Nikos Girginoudis took the test. A week earlier, Mr. Antonis Tzounis had also the chance to visit Sensei Loukopoulos for an intensive 2-day seminar and grading test. All the practitioners were successfully promoted to the next level and were much grateful to Sensei Loukopoulos for their chance to get new knowledge and corrections on their technique.

Sensei Loukopoulos expressed her gratitude to Theodorou Sensei for his assistance during the grading day and her satisfaction for the progress of Ryu Kyu Kobudo in Greece. Sensei Loukopoulos is one of the pioneers who introduced Kobudo and Okinawan Karate in Greece and many other countries. Nowadays she leads numerous Kobudo seminars around the world and is always open to new invitations.


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Photos from the Seminars and Grading Tests: