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TAKAMIYAGI ShigeruOne year is completed this October from the passing of Sensei Shigeru Takamiyagi. Sensei Takamiyagi was born in 1st of May 1935. In his life worked hard, closely, with Kanei Uechi Sensei towards the organization and systematization of Uechi-Ryu Karate, contributing a lot in the spreading of the style around the world. Takamiyagi Sensei was a great teacher, a loved friend and an important mentor to many of today's practitioners for decades. His loss has left an irreplaceable gap in the Okikukai family.

Chatan Dojo in Okinawa, Okikukai Serbia Hombu in Belgrade and Zenquest Martial Arts Center in Massachusetts, USA, are organizing mirror events to commemorate the one year anniversary of Sensei's passing. The events will include public demonstrations and trainings followed by discussions on Karate.






See below the events' posters and videos:



kanmei uechiUechi-Ryu community mourns the loss of Sensei Kanmei Uechi on Sunday 13th of September 2015. Kanmei Uechi was born in 1941 an he was the oldest son of Kanei Uechi and grandson of Kanbun Uechi, father of Uechi-Ryu Karate. Kanmei Uechi Sensei took over the Uechi Ryu Karate Do Association from his father after his death in 1991. 

As Uechiryu.eu we expresses our deepest condolences to Sensei Kanmei's family. May he rest in peace.

side2 seminar okinawa2015

The 3rd Okinawa Traditional Karate and Kobudo Worldwide Seminar will take place this July in Naha. It is a seminar series that became very popular the last years and has been joined by many karate and kobudo enthusiasts. These seminars are always led by great Okinawa Masters and therefore are very popular.  So, anyone willing to attend must hurry since there a limited number of participants (Max: 200 people).


Important Info:

Dates: July 13 - July 18
Start Jul 13 at 9:00am
Venue: Okinawa Prefectural Budokan Arena Building (Onoyama Park Budokan Arena) 52 Yamashita-cho, Onoyama, Naha City, Okinawa

Styles: Shorin-Ryu styles (少林流、小林流、松林流、少林寺流), Goju-Ryu, Uechi-Ryu, and Kobudo Training

FEE: 20,000 yen
SPONSOR: Okinawa Prefectural Government and Society for the Advancement of Traditional Okinawa karate



Please find below the brochure with the masters who will lead each section:


mattson camp1Sensei George Mattson is organizing once again one of the most popular Uechi-Ryu seminars in the USA. 
Summerfest has been running successfully since 1983 and during this time, has evolved through a number of minor
changes and locations. Our home in Plymouth, MA at the “JunglePlex” has turned out to be a perfect location and facility.
Over the years Summerfest participants had the opportunity to be taught by respected Okinawan Uechi-ryu masters,
including Grandmasters Kanei Uechi, Kansei Uechi and Ryuko Tomoyose.

SummerFest-2015: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 7, 8 and 9th

JuniorFest: Saturday, August 8th (10am-4pm workout only)
Where: JunglePlex located in Plymouth, MA. (Directions)

Weather permitting, we will perform “Sanchin by the Beach” on the outdoor Soccer field – 6:30am-7am (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Please print out a schedule so you will know where to go at the beginning of each class hour. (starts at 9am sharp) Check-in at the door will begin at 8am each day. Presenters and Pre-registered participants please enter where indicated at door. There will be a table to register for latecomers. Please bring correct tuition in cash.
NOTE: Saturday Masters Celebration admission fee for visitors: $20
There will be food for sale at the snack bar.

Useful links:


masters seminar buenos aires2015 0Okinawa prefecture in Argentina organized a seminar with two masters of Shorin-Ryu and two of the Uechi-Ryu style. The seminar was led:
From Shorin-Ryu Sensei Oyakawa Hitoshi (Shinkoukai Shorinji Ryu) and Sensei Matsuda Hirokazu (Shorin Ryu Myoubukan) and
From Uechi-Ryu Sensei Yamashiro Hirokuni (Okikukai) and Sensei Tsukayama Shota (Uechi-Ryu Kenyukai).
The seminar took place in Buenos Aires and started at 15th of March. It was a great success and attended by more than 230 people. A very fraternal spirit was built among the practitioners and all had a great experience.

UechiRyu.eu wishes to thank Sensei Andrea Rosales for taking time to send us the above information.


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