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A Historical Day for Uechi-Ryu

Okinawa Karate-Do Kyokai (Okikukai), one of the most popular Uechi-Ryu associations worldwide, has given the following announcement, signed by its current Chairman, Tsutomu Nakahodo Sensei (Hanshi, 10 Dan):

okikukai announcement

The link of the official page: http://www.okikukaihq.jp/others/ryuuhamei_henko.html


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Photo of Nakahodo
Sensei's new Badge.


Dear all,

Our association's line in 1995 was named "Shohei Ryu". So far, it has been a favorite for 21 years. Now worldwide karate is under widespread development and "karate" is added as a competition event in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. A karate Promotion Division is set up in Okinawa Prefecture, director of next year, until April, Okinawa karate Kaikan is start of service. Based on the situation of the surrounding environment, and the fact that karate is changing greatly, from July 31, 2008 in the meeting, has been decided to announce the change the school name of the Association from "Shohei Ryu" to "Uechi Ryu".

1) Organization Name: Okinawa Karate Association

2) School name: Uechi Ryu

3) Notation: Okinawa Karate Association (Uechi Ryu)

4) Reasons for the change:

(1) The use of a valid and effective name, in order to promote the international spread and development of Okinawan karate, and for the activities of Okinawa's three major school names.

(2) To play a role, since the association is home of 72 overseas affiliated dojo in about 20 countries, a large international spread development of karate

(3) It is necessary to enhance the "name", which is the mission of the Association. In the future, to promote the further spread development, introducing the association as one of the three major schools, one of which is "Uechi Ryu". 

(4) More, leading to activation of the organization activities. The school name of our association, which is the organization that inherits the mainstream of Uechi Ryu, to be returned to the original "Uechi Ryu"

Okinawa Karate Association

Chairman Nakahodo Tsutomu