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A Poem About Uechi-Ryu by Michael Palmer

A poem I wrote about Uechi Ryu!

Uechi ryu Karate the sport and the art
Conditioning The mind, the spirit, the body, the heart

Shu shiwa, Kanbun, Kanei the founders we all knew.

Takara, Nakahodo, Yonamine, Shinjo carry it through.

8 Kata we have with power and speed
That's all we need.
To defeat our opponent and make them bleed.

With origins and beginnings in Kung Fu
Known by many but taught to a few

Practiced and refined under the Chinese moon.
It's called strangely Pan Ggai Noon.

Three animals at its core the dragon, the tiger, the crane
Their weapons we use to defend and to maim.

The courageous tiger so strong and so sharp.
The wise and wily dragon elusive and smart
The gentle crane, balance, and poise the art.

Kata, Bunkai,Makiwara tamishiwari are the tools we use
to stop an attacker, disarm and defuse

Uechi Ryu so strong and so true
With humility and honour to make a better you.

Uechi Ryu
It's in my heart, my blood and my soul
Without my life just wouldn't be whole

A world wide family we all just know
Through our love of Uechi friends not foe.

Some I've met, some not yet
but it matters not for we connect with love and respect

In our hearts is where we'll be together.
Our mind is strong and our commitment forever.

Uechi Ryu not for many but a very special few.


michael palmerMicahel Palmer Sensei is a 4th Dan Uechi-Ryu black belt and Matayoshi Kobudo black belt from Sydney, Australia. Mr. Palmer is a member of OUKA Uechi-Ryu Australia with several years of experience under the guidance of Arthur Moulas Sensei and has travelled and trained in Okinawa as well.