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uechiryu statue 422nd of April, 2018, a historical day for Uechi-Ryu! The unveiling ceremony of the Statue of the founder of Uechi Ryu school of Karate, Uechi Kanbun, took place on Okinawa. The statue is 5-meter high and was placed in Sakura no Mori Park on Mount Yae in the own of Motobu. On the sides of the base of the statue, several plates are placed with a brief biography of Master Uechi Kanbun, the history of Uechi Ryu, and the list of all the Uechi Ryu Dojos which contributed donations to realize this project. The great grandkids of Master Kanbun Uechi were present at the ceremony along with numerous highly-ranked Okinawan and foreign masters. This statue from today adds one more historical place to visit in Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate.

(Photos sources: Takashi Arakaki, Robert Fulton)












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uechi ryu karate masters edition cover dvdShai Hai Sensei, head instructor of Uechi-Ryu Kenyukai Israel and producer of the documentary "Uechi-Ryu Master's Edition" which has attracted a huge interested of Uechi-Ryu practitioners around the world has offered the full 53-minute production for free over YouTube on the February 2018. Kiyohide Shinjo Sensei is the main figure of the video along Shai Hai Sensei and some of his most highly-ranked students.

Description of the Documentary:

The Master's Edition is a martial arts film/artistic documentary by Shai-Hai that reflects the inner world of Japanese master Shinjo Kiyohide, a modern day Samurai and living Karate legend. This unique glimpse into the world of the Master is like a treasure in a chest into which we are rarely granted the privilege of looking inside. This film depicts ancient practical knowledge in a wide range of impressive and innovative demonstrations, a profound, forgotten philosophy and living and learning guidelines that will help the viewer, regardless of his or her background, to understand the "Aji", that secret ingredient, that personal touch, that rare quality, that unknown element that transforms an ordinary person into an outstanding individual, a true master.




The video:


okinawa world tournament 2018Okinawa Prefecture Culture and Tourism Sports Division, Karate Promotion Division Karate Promotion Team has announced "The 1st Okinawa Karate International Championships". The event aims to create a place where Okinawa Karate enthusiasts gather in Okinawa and deepen exchanges, to properly inherit and develop the skills and spirituality of Okinawa Karate. Karate was systematized by the ancient warriors of Okinawa and handed down until today. This tournament will further promote the development of Okinawa Traditional Karate and Kobudo for the future. 

The organizational work has been divided into ten committees:
1) 4 competition committees (Shurite/Tomarite, Nahate, Uechi-ryu, Kobudo)
2) 4 referee committees (Shurite/Tomarite, Nahate, Uechi-ryu, Kobudo)
3) 1 martial arts demonstration committee
4) 1 seminar committee

and the final event will include:

1) Tournament (kata/form)(型)
2) Enbukai (public demonstration)
3) Seminars
4) Opening and closing ceremonies
5) Exchange meetings
6) Other special events appropriate for the purpose of the Basic Policy

The venue that will accommodate the tournament is the Okinawa Prefectural Hall of Martial Arts (Budokan), at Onoyama Park and the Okinawa Karate Kaikan from the 1st until the 8th of August 2018. The official website is already available in five languages: http://okinawa-karate.okinawa/en/


okinawa tournament 2018The organizing committee of the 1st Okinawa karate International Tournament has released videos of all the Karate and Kobudo Kata that can be performed in the competition. 28 Kata from Shuri-te kei/Tomari-te kei, 10 Kata from Naha-te kei and 7 Kata from Uechi-Ryu kei have been selected for the Karate Kata competition. Kobudo competitors will be able to choose among 21 Bo and 13 Sai Kata. More details on the competition Kata can be found here.

An important contribution of the organizing committee is the fact that all the Kata have been performed by several Okinawan masters in all the acceptable versions to cover the technical differences among various schools within the same styles. Uechi-Ryu Kata are the most recent to be added to the official YouTube channel of the organization. You can see the seven competition Kata below:





















Sanseiryu/ Senseryu:



Well...that was a BIG Kata!!!

karate kata guinness record2016 5

October the 25th is known to be the "Day of Karate" but this year October evolved into the "Month of Karate" in Okinawa (see our previous article)

On Sunday 23 of October 2016, 3973 Karateka performed a Kata in the Kokusaidori Street in Naha, setting a new World Guinness Record!!!

The event was broadcasted live globally through Youtube, and it was an event that made us really wishing to be there!!!

Congratulations to all the participants and organizers for the awesome atmosphere and this great achievement!!! 


Photos of the event:
(source: Okinawa Karate and Kobudo http://karate-otkk.jp/)

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