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seminar italy smallUPDATE (18 April 2016):
Zilioli Sensei has informed us that there a still a few open positions for the seminar with Takashi Arakaki Sensei, Shozen Arakaki Sensei and himself, in Italy in the 30th of April - 1st of May!!! If you are interested, please contact soon Fulvio Zilioli Sensei to send your participation at: fulviog.zilioli[at]gmail.com

Zilioli Sensei, who is also the author of the book "Karate Uechi Ryu - Storia, Tecnica, filosofia" (http://www.uechiryu.eu/…/62-fulvio-zilioli-karate-uechiryu-…) will also offered his book at a special, 20% off, price only to the people attending the seminar!!!

From 30th of April till the 3rd of May 2016 Okikukai Italy will organize a seminar with great Okinawan Masters. More specifically in the seminar will be led by Takashi Arakaki Sensei (8 Dan. Uechi-Ryu Karate and Kenryo-Ryu Ryu-Kyu Kobudo) from Okinawa, Shozen Arakaki Sensei (7Dan. Uechi-Ryu and 6Dan. Kenryo-Ryu Ryu-Kyu Kobudo) from Tokyo. The two masters will be assisted by some of their higly experienced students, Mrs Miyoshi Fukuchi, Mr Kawakami Hiroshi and Mr Kumura Kenji. Seminar will take place in Milano and Torino and will include both Karate and Kobudo training. Arakaki brothers are some of the top instructors of Okinawa Karate-Do Kyokai (Okinawa) and Ryu-Kyu Kobudo with deep knowledge in both martial arts of Okinawa. This seminar should be a unique experience for the ones who will have the chance to attend.

Sensei Fulvio Zilioli, head of Okikukai Italy, along with his students had a very active year during 2015, with many Kobudo and Karate seminars. Members of Okikukai Italy and Sensei Zilioli himself had the chance to visit Okinawa and Japan also. 2016 seems like a busy year for them too, since apart from the regular seminars and demonstrations of Uechi-Ryu karate and Ryu-Kyu Kobudo around Italy, Okikukai Italy will host one of the top events in Europe for this year!

Please stay tunned, since more information are being added from day to day!




For more information about the event, please contact:
Mr. Sacco Salvatore: +39 392-3764000



More photos of Takashi Arakaki Sensei and Shozen Arakaki Sensei:



febr2016 stage uechiryu petitThe Uechi-ryu annual winter seminar will take place on Saturday and Sunday 20 and 21 February, 2016. It will be led by Sensei Yukinobu Shimabukuro, 8th dan, official representative of Uechi-Ryu Soke for Europe. Sensei Yukinobu Shimabukuro will be assisted by Sensei Didier Lorho, 5th dan Uechi-ryu, president of the club "Uechi-ryu Carrières sur Seine" and President Uechi-Ryu Karate-do European Association (Shubukan).

Seminar is open to all karate-do styles and all levels, over 14 years of age.

Important info:
- Saturday, 20th February 2016 from 15:00pm to 18:00pm
- Sunday, 21st February 2016 from 09:30 am to 12:00pm

Seminar fees:
- 20 euros for members of Uechi-ryu Karate-do Association Europe
- 30 euros for non-members

Gymnasium "Les Pierres Vives" (next to the High School Stones Vives)
Skylarks Street
78420 Carrières-sur-Seine

Registration: uechiryu.europe[at]gmail.com or +33 

Information: http://www.uechiryu.fr

Google maps: http://goo.gl/maps/OETYk

kiyohide shinjo1UPDATE: Seminar organizers informed us that the seminar has to be cancelled. Seminar will be rescheduled and we will get back to you with new dates.

International seminar with Master Kiyohide Shinjo (9.Dan) will be organized this May in Bad Kissingen from Thursday, 26th, till Sunday 29th of May 2016. Shinjo Sensei will be escorted by two more Okinawan masters and people from arround Europe and Canada have already expressed their interest to attend. The event is held by Sensei Andreas Haberzettl 7.Dan, head of Kenyukai Germany (Bad Kissingen Dojo).


For more information contact:

"Klinik Bavaria" 
Von der-Tann Str. 18-22 
97688 Bad Kissingen 
Mobile: +49 0160 7869761 
Email: shihan[at]karate-kg.de

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badkissingen dojo

Group of Bad Kissingen Dan members with Sensei Andreas Haberzettl


1 Takamiyagi Anniversary 03As described in our previous article, Okikukai Serbia Hombu and its affiliated dojos both in Serbia and abroad, organized, under the guidance of Sensei Popovic, a very successful event for the one year from the passing of Master Shigeru Takamiyagi. The event was videotaped, edited and Sensei Popovic came up with a series of 3 excellent videos last week. You can watch them, as long as many other historical videos on Okikukai Serbia Hombu Youtube Chanel





Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:



The event in Okinawa, organized by Chatan Dojo: