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hess trip germany 1Peggy (Marguerite) Hess Sensei (7 Dan, Kyoshi) is on a trip around Europe these days, meeting again with old friends, leading the training sessions in various Dojos and sharing her knowledge with Uechi-Ryu enthusiasts of all ages! Hess Sensei firstly visited England, where Mick Pappas Sensei escorted her in various Dojo and offered her wonderful sightseeing tours. These days Hess Sensei is visiting Germany, where she has many friends as well. Hess Sensei is very active organizing Karate events around the world and was one of the frequent visitors, along with other American and Okinawan instructors, in the seminars organized in Germany during the late 90's and early 2000's. Next stop: France! Great things are about to happen there too... After the trip in France, Mick Pappas Sensei invited Hess Sensei to join him on his annual trip to his fatherland, Greece. Peggy Sensei couldn't resist the beauty of Greek seas in the summer and said yes! Sensei Steve McNally from Liverpool joined the team in Athens, and the three instructors drove to Volos, where they had the chance to practice with the local Uechi-Ryu practitioners. 

More info about Peggy Hess Sensei can be found here.


Pictures from the visit in the UK: 

Photos from the visit in Germany:

Photos from the visit in Greece:


zililoli fik 2016 1Italian Karate Federation (F.I.K.) is organizing the 9th National Stage of Karate this September. The event will take place in Caorle (Venice) and will last from 30th of September up to the 2nd of October 2016. Fulvio Zilioli Sensei, Okikukai - Uechi-Ryu representative in Italy, will participate in the event demonstrating Uechi-Ryu Karate principles to all interested participants. This seminar is free and open to all, irrelevant of previous Karate experience. 

More info can be found here: http://www.federkarate.it/?q=node/1065


kuno seminarShubukan Dojo and Jose Cifuentes Sensei organize one more seminar of classical Uechi-Ryu Karate with Yasushi Kuno Sensei this June. The 2-day seminar will take place from 18 till 19 of June 2016, at Shubukan Dojo in Madrid. 

Important Info:
Date/Time: 18 June (19:00~21:00) - 19 June (10:00~12:00)
Venue: Dojo Shubukan
Address: C/ Puerto Navacerrada n°79. Polígono Industrial Las Nieves. Móstoles (Madrid)
Info: (Tel) +34 678 644 942
Web-Site: http://www.dojoshubukan.com/  -  Facebook page

martial arts gala june2016 les pieres vivesThe Uechi-Ryu Club of Carrières sur Seine has been invited to make a special demonstration for the Martial Arts Gala. The event is organized by the local Sports Union and will take place on Thursday, 23rd of June 2016. A spectacular demonstration of techniques of Aikido and Karate-do will be presented at the Gala. The entrance is free.

Important info
Date/Time: Thursday, 23 June 2016, 19:30
Venue: Gymnase « les pierres vives »
Address: Rue des Alouettes, 78420 Carrières-sur-Seine, (à côté du lycée des pierres vives) - Google Map
Information: aikido[at]usc.asso.fr - karate[at]usc.asso.fr
Event's webpage: Click Here

croatia karate seminar 1

 Daniel Bjelivuc Sensei sent us the following information:

In the period from 21 to 22/05/2016 OKIKUKAI CROATIA (Uechi Ryu dojo RIVER KARLOVAC Dojo) organized a seminar of traditional Okinawan Karate Uechi Ryu in Rijeka, led by Vladimir Popovic Sensei (7. Dan Kyoshi) and Tatjana Zakić Sensei (5. Dan Shihan).
Dan and Kyu testing were held on the 22nd of May 2016. Candidates for Dan grades who successfully passed the test are:
Dinko Cupic - 1. Dan, Berislav Bilic - 1. Dan, Filip Badurina - 1. Dan
and for Kyu ranks:
Adriano Škibola - 3.kyu.
Bjelivuk Sensei would like to thank Jovica Opacic (3. Dan) and Radovan Jelic (1. Dan) who traveled from Belgrade with Popovic Sensei, joined the event and offered their assistance during the training.
On this occasion, Bjelivuc Sensei would like to express his great recognition and gratitude to Vladimir Popovic Sensei for the many years of commitment and hard work in the development of traditional Uechi-Ryu karate in Croatia.

Daniel BJELIVUK 5. Dan Shihan

Photos from the event: