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Updates from the Seminar in Erlangen

erlangen2014 2The open seminar held by Sensei Thomas Podzelny and his dojo (Ki-Shin-Tai Dojo) completed successfully. Trainings were led by  Katsuji Tamayose Sensei (9th Dan) and Kazuya Takara Sensei (7th Dan) from Okinawa and took place in Erlangen/Germany Oct. 2~5, 2014 (previous article here). Masters stayed in Germany from Sep. 27 to Oct. 6, accompanied by Takara Sensei's wife Fujiko san and her sister Chieko Okawa san. The seminar coincided with the 15th anniversary of Ki-Shin-Tai Dojo and various beautiful activities took place during the whole period. Dan grading was also held, during which Sensei Thomas Podzelny was successfully promoted to 5th Dan Uechi-Ryu Karate and one of his students, Markus Wedel, who  started teaching his own karate group in June was accepted as official branch dojo. Uechiryu.eu congratulates Sensei Podzelny for this great event and his new promotion.





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